This is the ba chor mee (without a name) opposite Tiong Bahru hawker centre. It’s in the same coffee shop as Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice (71 Seng Poh Road), which has an equally long queue, so make sure you’re in the right queue.

What I love about this BCM is how much ingredients you get - it’s nuts!! This was their $6 bowl, but it comes with 3 (deshelled!) prawns, lots of meat slices and chunks, mushrooms, a meatball, and 3 wantons! I like their wantons in particular because they’re extremely tasty, and almost a bit sweet. The soup is also great and the taste kind of resembles the wantons. The noodles here aren’t the best for me- they’re okay, but I still like this BCM overall because there’s just so much stuff to eat.