Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

A little embarrassed to say this is the first burnt cheesecake I’ve tried (bite me), but I’m glad I started with this. Just look at that lovely, molten centre. Just stare at it. So so creamy, so utterly decadent. This is the first of their burnt cheesecakes I’ve tried (they do an original and pandan flavoured one as well), and I have to say I loved how absolutely well the original and matcha layers balance out. The original on its own it’s like the most luscious, decadent cheesecake which, though exceedingly delicious don’t get me wrong, can get a little too sweet and heavy after awhile. That’s where the beautifully earthy and slightly bitter matcha cheesecake steps in to reign things in. The ratio’s perfect 👌🏻