Food is 9.5/10. Pasta here is even better than the pasta I make, will return!

Tom yum seafood pasta is just the right amount of creamy & the right amount of sauce without being too much. You can eat the whole plate without getting sick of it. White clams were fresh, however the prawns though large, were mushy. If the prawns were fresher, the dish would have been 10/10. Pasta was very flavourful & not overly spicy, so for people who are afraid of spice, you can give this dish a try. Interesting mix of flavours in this pasta alone. Definitely a must try!

Truffle Salmon Mac & Cheese Pasta.
Flavourful & fragrant. Cheesy & yet not too much such that you'll feel too full after a typical meal with cheese. It's a creamy well-balanced tomato based pasta. Downside is that you don't taste any truffle at all! However, the dish is delicious on it's own.

Food- 9.5/10
Ambience - 7/10.
And the price stated is nett!
Will I return? Yes!

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