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Checked out Wimbly Lu's newest outpost at 166 Tyrwhitt Road; it's just a unit beside Hotel Yan/Cafe Nido or just a few units off Chye Seng Huat Hardware.

Had this once before at Little Wimbly Lu but the one here impressed me quite a bit. The root beer-infused chocolate sauce was really prominent in flavour here; kinda subtle but yet evident as the root beer carries its flavours above the chocolate before the chocolate sauce ends on a sweet and thick chocolatey note. The cake itself was like a slab of really chocolatey brownie with crisp, crunchy edges, while the ice-cream gives a more neutral and aromatic flavour to the dessert to balance things out a little.

The Tyrwhitt branch is still relatively quiet currently, and looks like a great place to do get some work done especially with its rustic decor, though the lighting is relatively dim in the main hall (there is an area at the back that's lit by natural sunlight though!)