Date visited: 1/5/2018 (Sat, 12:30pm)

A short queue on weekend. Queue is longer on a weekday at lunch hour.

The boss/ barista uses a European espresso machine to brew his coffee (instead of using a coffee sock).

This gives the coffee a creamer texture as well as reduces its acidity.

For freshness, only a small batch of the coffee powder is grounded each time.

The boss doesn't reuse the used coffee grounds, and he uses 2 kinds of milk; condensed milk and evaporated milk, thus, yielding a much better tasting coffee.

From what I read, this stall uses a blend of Indonesia Robusta and Columbian Arabica powder mix, roasted with sugar and margarine to achieve the (rich) Nanyang flavour.

Robusta beans are used in the kopitiams (hawker centers), while the more prized Arabica beans are more commonly used in the hipster coffee joints for their espressos.

Easier to cultivate, Robusta beans are significantly lower in costs. It also has higher caffeine, but also tastes harsher and stronger.

At $1.90 for a cup of cafe-quality coffee, it is definitely not overpriced. The kopi is aromatic, and tastes rich.