undisputedly the best egg tart in sg (in our opinion)!! the crust is super buttery & rich with a cookie like texture, and i loved the light touch of saltiness in the tarts when we tasted them piping hot.

the original one is the best out of the four without a doubt. the egg custard is super soft and smooth, and i esp loved the strong eggy taste and the wobbly texture which matched real well with the crust.

felt like the second best was a tie between the durian & pandan tart depending on when we had it. the durian tart had a super strong durian flavor and we could taste bits of the pulp with every mouthful. however it was somewhat regrettable that we couldn’t taste much of the cheese and the durian feeling was a tad too sweet.

the pandan tart smelled super fragrant - legit the only thing we could smell out of the whole box - but the taste fell a little flat. there wasn’t a distinct pandan taste and the custard didn’t quite set when we had it fresh out of the oven making it super difficult to hold and eat. but!!! our perception of it changed when we had another one the next day. after leaving it out for a night, we could finally taste the strong pandan flavor and for some reason, the tart shell was still buttery and crumbly.

as for the coconut tart, we didn’t like it at all? the coconut bits while fragrant was super dry and it just couldn’t live up to our expectations after we tried the other three first.