Plain croissant 🥐 ($4)
Signature croissants are well-crisp & layered. A bite into this well-mix of crispy, floury & lightly buttered bake is a simple pleasure.

Chocolate Croissant ($5)
Similar to the texture of the plain Croissant, the chocolate filling is however very minimal and left us doubting if they forgot the chocolate. It may not be as indulgent as you would expect it to satisfy.

Espresso-chocolate Almond croissant with rye flakes and oat crumble (weekend special $6)
This croissant is truly a mouthful. It is thick on the outside with a rich filling on the inside. The espresso-chocolate paste leaves you with a punch as you dig into it. It is strong and can be overwhelming for an easy & light bite.

Earl Grey milk chocolate scone ($4.50)
Crispy and tough on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. The touch of earl grey was pleasant to the taste bud, making the overall scone a fragrant one! Unfortunately not as moist as expected, our advice is to pair it w a warm cuppa coffee!

Cinnamon Brioche Bun ($5.50)
Not in the picture but we had to incl. in the review as it was an unexpected favourite! :)
It has a crispy glazed cinnamon with sugar crust and swirled layers of moist caramel dough at its core. Such a hearty one!!!

P.S. motherdough bakery is currently only allowing takeaways! Please expect ~15 minutes waiting time & best heated up before eating!

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