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Have you taken yours?
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Here we have:
✅ Blackforest Ham with Scrambled Egg ($5.90 nett for breakfast set with Coffee/Tea)
Nothing to wow about but it is quite comforting if you are looking for a simple breakfast. A pretty good deal for $5.90 nett
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✅ Strawberry Cake ($6.08++)
This piece of cake is pretty big sized but we have no problem finishing it as the flavour profile is on the lighter side with the fresh strawberries to give the cake a hint of tartness.
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✅ Cake of the Week ($6.45++)
This is one thick, creamy cheesecake. Decadent goodness! Yums
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✅ Rye Beurli ($1.87++)
Simple rye bread but I got it toasted so it was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Pretty good!

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