✨Iced Cafe Latte (Single Origin)✨
This coffee is not too bitter nor too sour. If you want to have a taste of coffee but not sure what type of coffee beans you like, choose this coffee as it cannot go wrong🤎 The milk was also just enough, it did not taste diluted nor too strong. It also does not really cause headache (but if it does for you, you can ask for one shot instead of the usual two).

💰: $8 (iced)
📈: 10/10

✨Matcha Latte✨
Matcha latte is not their strong suit. The powder was not mixed well and they added too much milk. It tasted like I just ordered a cup of cold milk. It is also quite expensive for a cup of iced matcha. I recommend ordering coffee and not matcha, since they are known for that🤣

💰: $9.60 (iced)
📈: 4/10

📝Additional comments:
I recommend ordering hot (even though Singapore so hot🤠), but you will be able to get a better whiff of the aroma from the coffee beans!