💕 Raspberry lychee cake.
Love the combination flavour of it.
The soft soufflés sponge served with the refreshing Lychee compote, meanwhile citrus cream balance the raspbery and strawberry Marmcompote, and topped with smooth cream chantilly.
💰S$46 - 1KG - 15 cm

💕Grand cru chocolate.
Soft Chocolate soufflé sponge filled with generous 68% chocolate mousse and additional texture crunchy from chocolate pearls and feilletine base. 
💰$12.8, 4 inch

Pre order one day in advance,  and available till 9 May 2021.

To place order, Customer can visit their link https://mocchi-by-fukusen.myshopify.com/products/ Or WhatsApp (+65) 8882 8400.


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