One of my colleagues remarked that what Holland Village really needs, is a really good Japanese restaurant. We were therefore quite excited to try Takeshi-San, a new Japanese sushi bar which opened last month.

@takeshisansg is insta-perfect from the paper mache flowers hanging from the ceiling to their sushi which are beautifully plated on a flight of wooden stairs.

Their prices are kinda in line with the mid-range sushi bars ($5 to $15 for sushi and $15 to $20 for sushi rolls. Their dons were however a little pricier, starting at $26 for their mini salmon chirashi don.

The food however was kinda meeeeeh. Their sashimi was relatively good but we all agreed that their sushimeshi was rather lackluster. The rice was relatively bland and unevenly seasoned. The dons were also kinda on the small side, considering the price. Service was also rather inattentive, considering that there were only two to three tables occupied during lunch service.

Bottom line: The food is decent but lacks a wow factor that will make me come back for more. I may drop by again if I am in the area and craving for Japanese food. But that said, I may just cross the road for Sushi Tei instead.

P.S. they offered us a tasting cup of a shochu which they intended to introduce. That was rather nice. I may come back for the sake and shochu though.