Perhaps one of the openings that had created much hype for the week, Fong Sheng Hao had opened their very first outpost in Singapore with the opening of PLQ Mall at Paya Lebar.

Visiting the outlet on the very first weekend of the mall's opening, the stall was very much out of everything else on the menu except for this item when we visited for dinner. Quite enjoyed this sandwich actualy; perhaps more fitting to be a more breakfast-y main rather than a light dinner — the toast comes pretty crisp and well crusted on the exterior, whilst it comes stuffed in the middle with the said special pork patty, omelette, and cheese. The special pork patty is pretty tender; of a decent thickness without being too thin, and carried a savoury sweetness that is almost akin to that of Taiwanese sausage without being too saltish nor fatty in the cut of meat used. The omelette comes folded in layers; fluffy and pretty fragrant, while the melted cheese promises an ooziness when one tries to pull the sandwich apart that is all so satisfying. An item that works well as a light bite for the morning or even as a tea break, it is little wonder why the place is consistently packed with a short queue even despite during dinner hours. Pretty worth the try if at PLQ Mall.