As part of their 7 course rice-themed dinner, the pumpkin cracker was part of the starters. Inspired by the pumpkin cake from Guangzhou, this reinvented version is made of pumpkin purée, coated with rice crispies with seaweed powder, and rimmed with marinated egg yolk before being deep fried & served.

The end result is a crispy savoury outer layer, with a soft sweet center of pumpkin purée. Each bite gives you that perfect crunch with a hint of sweetness trailing behind it.

An Amber Ember & Lune3.0 collaboration; every weekend in August is a surprise based on the themes that the chefs have come up with! The next theme is on Preservation / Fermentation, which will be held on the weekend of 2-3 Aug. Check out @lune_3.0 on Instagram to find out more!