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I love handmade noodles but haven’t been to Tongue Tip since I don’t take beef. Finally got the chance to try their chicken dish, thanks to Tiong Bahru Plaza’s ongoing food promotion - ‘Rewind & Unwind to Your Good ‘Ol Food Paradise’ that’s happening till 6 Oct 2019. You get $20 worth of food hunt vouchers at $15, alongside other membership promotions. It’s worth the price and encourages you to explore new food options (& there are loads in TBP)!

Tongue Tip offers 8 types of noodles to choose from and we went with the ‘small flat’ option. The default oil based sauce wasn’t as flavourful, but it helped to toss in a good amount of their vinegar and chilli. The pan fried chicken pieces looked dry, but were surprisingly well seasoned and pretty tender. If you don’t take beef, skip the accompanying broth as it is beef-based. They also have this dry chicken noodles in large ($10.90) or plain ($7.50/$9/50).

Thank you @tiongbahruplazasg & @burpple for the Food Hunt Vouchers! ✨