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I have discovered chicken tikka nirvana and it resides at 166 Serangoon Road. This sounds especially unbelievable coming from me because I am someone who has never understood the appeal of chicken tikka, let alone rave about it. But here I am, doing exactly that. Which should say plenty about the food.
The platter we ordered contained six types of boneless chicken pieces that had been marinated with different combinations of rare spices, lime juice plus either yogurt, or a mild cashew nut and cream paste. After which, they were baked in a "tandoor" or clay oven. Regardless of the marinade used, every single piece of chicken tasted absolutely PHENOMENAL! They were super tender and more importantly, really moist (now, this was the part that most impressed me because I have only ever had dryish to dry renditions elsewhere). Furthermore, thanks to the assorted marinades, each of the chicken tikka pieces quietly exploded in my mouth, showering its own unique firework of mildly-spiced flavours. Wow. Wow. Wow.