Never thought I'll take a liking to "China food" because everyone says that they're oily and salty etc but omg THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!! The price is really cheap too most of the skewers are only $1/stick and the more "premium" items like chicken wings costing $3 or $5 /stick.

The skewers are served BBQ'd already and they place it on this heated box in front of you to keep it hot. The most addictive part about their skewer is the sauce. It's oily and salty and slightly spicy but in a really delicious way.

Highly recommend their mutton BBQ ($1), grilled pork sausage ($1), grilled pork 三层肉 ($1) and the shiitake mushrooms ($1.20). As a beef lover, I think the grilled beef pales in comparison to their mutton but still worth a try. Will definitely try out other meats the next time.