Amidst the stalls selling the classic hawker fare, it was surprising to see a burger “stand” selling some gourmet burgers alongside the roasted meats and whatnot.

What appealed to me was their fish burger, otherwise known as Fish Crisp with Tropical Salsa (S$5.80), which came with a whole fillet that was almost double the size of the buns, together with some of their homemade salsa that tasted refreshing and tangy. It tasted fairly decent, and was made perfect after a S$2.00 top-up for a combo, which came with two additional sides. It was quite obvious actually that the ideal choice were the fries and the soup. By the way, croutons come free with the soup and was self-service, but I would not think that it was nice to cover the surface of the soup bowl with croutons, right?