ACAMASEATS💮: Is this the best Bánh Mì in town? Maybe, maybe not. That’s if @parkbenchdeli & @lepetitsaigonhk does Viet again and make a comeback of their rendition of Bánh Mìs and Chã Giò (minced pork sausage rolls) which was phenomenal, almost just almost changed my life and instantly took me back to Vietnam. .
And that’s what good food and chefs should aspire to do, trigger one’s profound memories through food.
Freshly baked warm baguette that has a crisp and crackly crust with pickled carrots, daikon radish, cucumber and fresh cilantro. I implore you to add the pâté to complete the entire Bánh Mì experience. Their homemade fish sauce and chili is a must, although the Bánh Mì itself is satisfyingly juicy enough.