It’s an incredibly value for money lunch set, with choice of 5 gyozas (chicken, pork, prawn), 2 sides (choice of 8), 1 soup (choice of 2) and top grade Japanese rice (choice of S, Reg, L - same price!)

Featured here:
Prawn gyozas: decided on 🦐 because I thought it’s a pretty special flavour on the menu. It’s not commonly found elsewhere! Verdict: Succulent fresh prawns were wrapped within the gyoza skin. But it wasn’t mind-blowing. Perhaps it would have been a better choice to stick with their signature pork? Not that I’ve tried it before tho!

Eggs w chives: kinda like creamy scrambled smooth eggs with chives! 😋

Fried tofu in dashi sauce: just normal fried tofu with soy/dashi. ‘Made better with the bonito flakes!

Vegetable soup: VERY rich broth of veggie mix. A nice change to the typical miso!

Rice: TOP grade shiny Japanese rice (can’t rmb the prefecture where these lil’ pearl beads were grown and harvested) that were really chewy. Ask for the chilli, sesame flake mix. They add a whole new layer of flavour to the carbs!