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Braised pork with rice or 卤肉饭 is one of the main classics of Taiwanese comfort food, something that every regular restaurant in Taipei would have, and never fails to taste delicious no matter how simple it looks. I’m glad that this version with a Southeast Asian touch is equally yummy to what I’ve had in Taiwan.
You know how good satay must have a right ratio of fat-to-meat? I felt that the braised pork belly kind of fulfilled that same criteria with the tender soy-sauce-soaked meat vs the melt-in-your-mouth fat that’s not too heavy on the palate. The Penang touch of this dish comes from the “achar” added that not only made it more visually enticing, but the pickled vegetables acted asa palate cleanser. Curry sauce was added on by optional request to the mixed white and brown rice for extra spiciness!
My office will be moving to Bugis in December. It’s an ideal place for lunch options, but it’s sad to finally bid goodbye to Tanjong Pagar where I’ve been working at for 10 years. I’ve been posting pictures of my daily lunches on my ig stories and will do so till the start of December. This 卤肉饭will definitely be one thing I’ll miss. #byetgpagar #Burpple