Brekkie Champions
$24.50 | Great variety however brioche toast was too thick and super dry. Maple bacon was a tad too sweet. Love the mushroom and tomato though! Super juicy and generous portion! Nothing too special over the homemade baked beans.

Rodyk Style Eggs Benedict
$21.50 | Poached eggs was not runny at all and definitely overcooked.

Coffee was bad. Real bad. It’s very sour and a pretty small cup considering the price. Do give it a miss if you are not a fan of sour coffee. No idea what’s the hype over their coffee.

It’s not convenient to come here if you’re driving as there’s not much parking around this area except for hotel parking. Honestly, if not for the Burpple 1-1 deal, I wouldn’t consider stepping in at all. Food was mediocre and doesn’t justify the steep price. There are better cafes out there that serves better food and coffee at a cheaper price. Don’t understand the hype over this cafe. Definitely won’t be returning again though the service was great.