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Hey, so I stopped by Maison Kayser (Raffles Place) for tea break and to seek some reprieve from the heavy rain. Really enjoyed the (not so)light meal.

Before I start, thought that I should share this, it is from their website,
Their financiers are 'made of egg whites, almond powder, vanilla, sugar and premium butter'. Also, 'financier is the French, buttery and light version of sponge cakes'.

So anyhow, was kinda greedy and ordered 3 things from here after a heavy meal at Golden Mile Food Centre:
1) Petite sugar briochette
2) Pistachio Financier
3) Chocolate Beignet

Pistachio financier ($5.20)
- Thick and dense
- Strong notes of almond (So as seen from above, probably due to the almond flour that they used)
- Subtle pistachio flavour; Would have personally liked it to be stronger
- Personally, would have liked it less sweet and got quite cloying after awhile
- Overall, a substantial dessert, probably good for sharing if you do intend to have a light tea break
Overall: 6.5/10

Chocolate beignet ($1.50)
- A beignet is basically a deep-fried choux pastry dough (Google) and in layman terms or rather, to me, it is basically a fluffy petitt doughnut
- Fluffy, cloud-like texture
- Thick gooey chocolate praline cream within the doughnut which was sinfully rich
- Must try for chocolate lovers
Overall: 9.5/10

Petit Briochette ($2.80)
- Really airy and buttery, good bread to complement coffee
- Little crunchy sugar bits at the top
Overall: 9/10

My personal favourite would definitely be the chocolate beignet though it is probably the most calorie-dense item out of the 3. All the items were really good just that I will not recommend the pistachio financier if you are buying it because it says 'pistachio'.