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This is supposed to be a burpple one for one offer, but the shop owner gave us another menu when we want to use burpple. The pricing of the set menu is $30 for a pax. After they settle the bill, it’s as good as there is no one for one deal. This is unfair

Hey hi Reanne, I would like to find out more about the issues. The burpple at the price of $30.90 is meant for 1 for 1 premium set deal. I’m sorry if any misunderstandings caused. Your feedback will be valuable to us. Thank you
Hello Jimmy, the menu that burpple users have to use is only given the choice of premium set menu which cost $30.90. Whereas ala carte meal is only costing $18. If you work out sum, $30.90 divide by 2 is about $15 per pax.
The additional items in a set meal includes soup, salad, green tea and a prawn, this cost $13 dollars which is not reasonable. Thanks for following up
Thank you for the review. Help us to make an informed decision before we went to the shop. We decided not to go there.
Did you as the burpple menu in the first place? What time did you visit it?
When I enter the shop, I was serve the normal menu. But immediately when I said I want to utilize the burpple offer, the lady swop the menu to the burpple sets menu. I know I can walk out but since I am already there and hungry... I just eat and paid
As our standard practice, we always put our normal menu on the table unless the customer asks for burpple menu or keep looking at his or her phone. We will then offer him/her the burpple menu, besides burpple menu there is a Chope/Fave menu as well.
Let me correct the price of the additional items in our set menu you mentioned above ☝️, Set A (salad+soup) costs $3, hot tea costs $1.50,a prawn (Ebi Mentaiyaki) costs $2.90, total cost $7.40 per pax instead of $13.00.
Hello Jacky, that’s provided we want to order set meal. Like I say, when you utilize the set, the price does not feels one for one anymore.
The burpple premium set includes 2 salad + 2 soup + 2 hot tea+ 2 Ebi mentaiyaki (total cost $14.80) and 2 main courses (choose 2 out of 9 (BP1-BP9). If you didn’t redeem 1 burpple premium set on your burpple app, inevitably we charge you the normal price