The Breakfast Sammy (containing crispy spam, chives, American cheese and a generous heap of egg served in brioche) was their signature sandwich and every bite was truly an indulgence; no doubt I would recommend this to anyone who has yet to try Korio.

Also ordered their Grilled Cheese sandwich (containing cheddar, American cheese and caramelised onions in whole wheat sourdough) and despite being a huge fan of cheese, I feel that this sandwich can be missed out on. Had Oat milk Latte ($6) here as well which was average.

Honestly would come back for their sammies but the biggest con is probably how it’s more of a take-out kiosk and there’s only enough seat in the shop for 1. The staff told us we could sit at Teh Tarik Express but we were ‘chased’ by them twice, so wouldn’t recommend to sit there.

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