Having not tried the donuts from Simple Cafe because they were simply sold out during my first visit there, we found it hard to resist ourselves from getting one when we made our subsequent return visit recently.

Recalled that there were quite a number of flavours offered previously; the Kaya variant being one that really intrigued me considering my love for Kaya Butter Toast. That being said, there were only two flavours which were being offered at Simple Cafe on the very day we made our visit — Milk Tea and Vanilla. Opting for the former, we found the donuts here to be very good — coming in the Bombolini form that had recently been very popular, the bread comes light, fluffy, chewy and firm; dusted with sugar on the exterior for a slight sweetness. Inside, the donut comes generously filled with milk tea cream; the cream itself carrying a distinct, roasty hint of tea aroma — creamy and smooth and also being pretty decadent overall.

Still pretty much in love with the Taiwanese vibes at Simple Cafe — a very minimalist, yet relaxing vibe that is homey and puts one at ease. Their bakes and cakes are still pretty stellar — one of those cafes which I will always think of heading to for some quality cakes and coffee whenever I am in the West!