I don’t know if any of you remembers the old western stall at Clementi Market & Food Centre years ago called Tanglin Halt Western Food. But it has closed for several years and I have been in the hunt for a taste similar to theirs since then. Not just because the taste of their sauce is unique, but it also brings back memories of mum delivering it to me on Friday nights when I was working part-time during my postgrad days.

When we first walked past this stall at Ghim Moh market, there wasn’t any queue at all but I caught the fragrant whiffs of fried chicken and eventually decided to try their chicken chop. While it looks really ordinary, the tender chicken chop was rather massive given the price and well-executed with some slightly charred edges. To me, the soul of this dish had to be the sauce definitely; tomato-based, zesty and tangy. *screams in excitement* Somewhat like that of the Hainanese pork chop but lighter in flavour and thickness. Served with crispy shoestring fries, baked beans and coleslaw (the only thing I dislike in the entire box).

Wouldn’t say this is up to Tanglin Halt Western Food’s standard, but at least now I know where I can find one relatively close in taste to fix my cravings!