Was at Marine parade and saw this stall selling Japanese don with a constant queue. So I decided to try their don. The person took my order and wrote on a slip on paper my order and order number. She gave me one slip and the other slip to the person preparing the food. The cashier would then shout the order number once the order is done. So I would advise those ordering to get seats near the stall so that you know when your food is ready.

I got their Teriyaki Beef Short Plate W/ Onsen Egg which consists of Beef Short Plate, Onions, Onsen Egg and Furikake.

So I think my dish did not come with onions? Either that or they minced the onions really fine. So on to the rice. The rice was not bad, drenched with the beef drippings which added flavour to the plain rice. Beef was tender and was coated with teriyaki sauce and topped with Furikake. For the Furikake I think it did not add much value to the entire dish and I mostly tasted togarashi (Japanese chili powder) from it. On to the Onsen egg. Was a little disappointed as the yolk already broke.

Overall it was a very average tasting bowl of beef and I felt that they could have given slightly more meat for the don or maybe add the Furikake on the rice instead of just the meat so that at least when people eat the rice itself there's some taste.