Remember just over three years ago when finding for churros was like mining for gold? 😹 These days, it’s everywhere, and especially rampant in the Bazaar Ramadhan. Loco Loco is one of the providers of this Spanish doughnut, and they’ve taken the concept and smacked some local flair onto it - not only do they have Ondeh-Ondeh churros, but also original ones that come with Chili Crab and Salted Egg Dip!

Frankly, I’ve heard some negative opinions about these, but I really don’t get any of that after I tried them for myself. It’s probably a case of people jumping on the hate bandwagon for anything remotely ‘hipster’ from the Bazaar Ramadhan.

While the churros had a nice balance of crunch in the crust and softness in the bread, it could have been a million times better if I’d opted for no dusting of sugar crystals. The amount of those on them…it kinda scared me, I won’t lie. 😩