So whenever one want to go for tea, we will usually think of some English tea, with smoked salmon, scones and cakes. One would not bother to think of having tea in a traditional teahouse. Tea Chapter have been around for the longest time, with great and extensive Chinese tea-selection. Stepping into the teahouse, is like a blast to the past, of everything traditional and oriental. Removing shoes are a must, and keeping your volume down too. The setting is so comfortable and relaxing, that I felt like I am in some ancient Chinese drama setting, acting out a scene. Not sure how to make the perfect tea? Don't worry, the staff there are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They will teach you exactly how to appreciate and the art of pouring, which quite frankly astound me. The long process is somewhat therapeutic, and I appreciate every step of it. Sit in one of the many different settings offered, and what we choose were seats by the window, and on the floor. Gorgeous, peaceful, and highly recommended if you want to spend your afternoon slightly different.

Denise Ong You are right. This place has such a soothing atmosphere 😊
Have you been there? It's really a breakaway from the norm! Veronica Phua
Yes, I have. We were there a few weeks ago to film a video for one of our clients 😄