Walked past this and the gold ice cream caught our eye so we just went in for it 😛 No regrets though because the 3 layer gold ice cream (~$15.40) was a good post dinner treat!
What I found really unique is 3 different flavours on one soft serve, so you could taste 3 different tastes with 1/3 the calories 😂 Soft serve was really light and imo the right balance of icey/creamy (for reference: I find the McDonald’s vanilla cone too creamy). Particularly liked the chocolate and matcha because it wasn’t so gao and thick! .
Waffle cone was buttery and super crispy- unlike some cones that get soggy after awhile 🍦 Tbh gold foil had no taste but.... for the additional texture.... and for the gram....... 🍭🍬 They also have really cute cotton candy ice cream and they are apparently known for their matcha shibuya toast which I didn’t try.


Ig @goodfomood

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