@victorskitchensg has always had a reputation as a modest & highly affordable dim sum shop. However, the years have flown by, and the GST has gone up, and Victor may not have a reputation for being insanely affordable anymore. First I’ll start off with the most value for money item I ordered: the Queen Size Siew Mai ($5.80 nett).⠀

The Queen Size does live up to its billing, they are larger than usual, and each piece of siew mai is surprisingly delicious. The superbly seasoned minced pork is moulded into a cylinder, wrapped in a delicate skin, and steamed in the bamboo basket. The siew mai has a delightful density to it, and chomping down on each bouncy siew mai yields an addictive springiness. These siew mais are certainly fit for royalty, and they are fit for you too.⠀

The Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling ($6.20++) was the most expensive item I ordered, and although I appreciated the crunchy golden exterior and the bouncy shrimp filling within, other places do it for cheaper with comparable or better quality. The same could be said about the Steamed Pork Rib Rice ($5.50), which features fatty, juicy & tender pork on a bed of white rice. The pork ribs were adequately seasoned and tremendously tender, but the portion is kind of on the small side.⠀

Although Victor’s Kitchen is still decently priced, the years have passed us by and it is certainly no longer the most value for money dim sum joint in town.

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