This was absolutely delicious too. The mochi was fine but the dark chocolate sauce was so addictive. It looks like kuromitsu but there's an underlying depth from the dark chocolate which wasn't overly prominent

Service: it's alright but there's a lot of hiccups. The day before they gave us a menu which we were happy with, which was what was on the website too. yet the next day the menu is different, and they said they just changed. Come on
Due to the menu change possibly, they couldn't give us the topup cost to change items the day before, as the chef wasn't in. On the same day, they still couldn't. By the second course they told us the price and I tot it was ridiculous, but apparently it's too late to cancel because the chef has already started preparing. Jesus Christ. Really left a bad taste in our mouth. It's hard to believe this is happening when we're paying 200 per pax, I'm honestly quite surprised this is under Les Amis. Also there's only 2 tables during Monday lunch but given the food and the adminstrative difficulties is that really a surprise?

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