I almost look forward to the encouraging note handwritten by the staff from Le Shrimp Ramen in my delivery order..😊 I ordered the Red Garoupa with Pickled Vegetables Hor Fun in Tonkotsu Broth this time. The garoupa chunks were very fresh with no fishy taste at all. Normally I would remove the fish skin but kudos to the chefs at Le Shrimp Ramen for cooking it so well that it was absolutely slurp-worthy. I was surprised that there were spicy undertones in the broth initially until I fished out some picked green chili heads. As with the robust shrimp broth, I finished every drop of the creamy and rich tonkotsu broth. Another perfectly executed dish from homegrown favourite Le Shrimp Ramen. What more could you ask for in your comfort food in these trying times. #SGUnited #SupportLocal #StayHomeForSG