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Arriving at our table with a slight wobble, Voyage Patisserie’s Corn Soufflé ($18) was wonderfully soft and airy. Like edible poofy clouds, the tower of billowing beauty had a very delicate mouthfeel and was perfumed nicely with the flavour of Hokkaido sweet corn in every spoonful; in general more sweet than savoury.

Yes, it is pretty pricey but it was also different and, in my opinion, better-balanced than the ubiquitous Valrhona P125 Soufflé that they offer - which was very intense. Good for two people with a wait of 20 minutes or so upon ordering, the light classic french dish paired well with the toasted popcorn ice cream served alongside too. The nutty notes of the ice cream was distinct and added a great contrast to the warm eggy dessert.

Le pain perdu(French toast) and off the menu Banana Tart sounds good too