New cafe at East Coast selling a wide variety of tarts and insta-worthy drinks!

Orh Nee Tart ($8)
- I love taro and can be really picky, but this taro tart is the bomb! They did not compomise on the orh nee in the tart and it's really thick and flavourful. The tart base is abit hard to cut through with the fork because of it's crispiness.

Yuzu Cheese Tart ($7)
- There's the citrusy yuzu taste and it's quite appetizing. Most cheese tarts would taste jelak eating it alone, but mixing with yuzu takes away the jelak-ness of it.

Crack of Dawn ($7.50)
- The layered colouring in the drink makes for an insta-worthy shot. Nice blend of strawberry puree which complements the butterfly pea tea. In short, it taste like a fruit tea.

I have not tried their mains but their desserts are priced reasonably and they are generous with their fillings.