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It may not look much but this is a bowl of goodness. Their hummus is SO GOOD, SMOOTH AND CREAMY. Some hummus comes with this layer of oil and this one doesn't have that at all, yet the texture is so smooth and comes with the strong fragrant of chickpea. I was eating it so slowly because I didn't want to finish it at all. The bowl comes with an assortment of fresh vegetables sprinkled with sesame and of course, the chicken. I love how healthy and fresh they taste. Not too sure if it's just me but the hormone free chicken does taste different from the typical chicken I've had before. It could also be the flavoring of it though, which I couldn't quite pinpoint but it seems to come in a slight shade of yellow. Oh well. THIS IS A MUST TRY. I ordered the Acai Smoothie and expected it to be in typical smoothie texture but it came more as a juice than anything else. Hence, I suggest skipping out on that. This was a good meal nonetheless and I'd return without a doubt.