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Refreshing Cold Lychee Tea ($11). Looks pretty right 😉 But the design was not practical as the tiny opening inside was always blocked by the ice cubes & made it difficult to pour out the tea 🤔
We super super love the Honey Chicken Mid-Joint Wings ($10) as the honey garlic soy sauce was so addictive 😋
Crab Cakes on toasted brioche buns ($25) was too slimy though the soft boiled eggs were very well executed 🙃
Mini Burgers ($16) were tender & juicy! Waffle Fries were crispy & moist!
Ricotta Cheese Ravioli ($18) was yummy! It was soft & thin but the cheese was slightly too mild
Thai Milk Tea Lava Cake ($10) didn’t flow 😕 But the taste was good! We would prefer the plain Vanilla ice cream instead of this scoop with rum 😛