It is impossible to miss Hiang Soon with the long queue outside and the waffling aroma of grilled otah in the air.

Otah is one of those grossly underrated dishes which is so versatile. You can have it in between a slice of bread with milo for breakfast, with rice or nasi lemak for lunch and on its own as an afternoon snack. There is just so many ways of eating it.

Hiang Soon sells freshly made mackerel otah in both coconut leaf (the long stick form) and banana leaf. The difference between two is that the former is dry and therefore the flavours are much more intense compared to the later which is meatier, softer and more juicy.

I like Hiang Soon's otahs because the spice mixture is well balanced without being overwhelmingly spicy. It's on the pricy side but well worth the sojourn to the North for it.

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