Naro's charm lies in its nostalgic old apartment location with neighbourly vibes, evocative of an older era. This is a spin-off of the nearby Leaf & Bean and while both shops embody a Taiwanese-inspired persona, this new name boasts better aesthetics — keep an eye out for the quaint menu 100 percent handdrawn by the owner! The set lunch is worth the trek for its variety, from pastas to chicken rice, as well as its great value. The decent price of a meal (from RM18) includes not only the main, but also a starter of mushroom soup and grass jelly in coconut milk for dessert. Go for the Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Rice (RM18), starring tender and delicious fried chicken evenly coated in rich salted egg yolk. The rice makes a nice feature too, shaped like a donut and sprinkled in tasty furikake. Ordering sets also means you get 20 percent off all drinks, including their popular Exclusive Milk Tea (RM7.90) with black pearls.
Avg price per person: RM25