Yet another one of those local-inspired flavours which had gotten my attention when the promotional posters first came out — had always enjoyed trying out the various limited-time only soft-serves off the menu of the Golden Arches, and my favourite this far still goes to the Sweet Potato Waffle Cone which I absolutely love; and item that I insistently must have if it makes the return on the menu .

The Gula Melaka Cone was unfortunately one of those flavours which I am sitting on the fence about — and that is despite me being a fan of Gula Melaka. Felt that the Gula Melaka soft-serve felt a little too syrupy and weak; the creaminess of the soft-serve easily overwhelms the deep earthiness that Gula Melaka is noted to carry — just didn’t feel like it did hit the spot for me, though at the same time it did seem like I was carrying a much higher expectation for something that is seemingly of a fast food nature.