$36.80++ and $48++ options also available). Time flies. I first visited Taste Paradise in the Year 2009 when they were at Chinatown, and I declared it to be one of my fav Chinese restaurants. Today, they are at a new location with a new chef, but the food served in the set menu I tried was still good.
These are the dishes in the set menu:
* Combination of Chilled Black Fungus and Jellyfish in Vinaigrette; Crispy Whitebait Tossed with Salt and Pepper; and Crackling Pork Belly (second photo);
* Double-boiled Shredded Shark’s Fin in Shark’s Cartilage Soup. It's very thick and flavourful, as it was cooked for five hours with an array of ingredients such as shark’s cartilage, old chicken, pork, white fungus and chicken feet. I recommend swapping out shark's fins for fish maw, the same soup would be served (third photo);
* Stewed Japanese Kurobuta Pork, house made barbeque sauce (cover photo);
* Poached Chinese Cabbage with Conpoy in Superior Stock (fourth photo);
* Stir-fried Ramen with Lobster in XO Sauce (fifth photo);
* Almond Cream with Peach Resin.