Matcha Gâteau — This cake unfortunately did not sit well with me as I was not a fan of the base that tasted like kueh (I personally don’t q like kueh). The top layer of chiffon, though light and fluffy, barely had any flavour. Overall, I couldn’t really taste any matcha. The only saving grace was the white custard on top which was sweet and delicious :’)

Warabi Mochi with Matcha Gelato — I really love the mochi because they were v soft, chewy, and nicely coated with kinako powder. Matcha gelato was level 1 so it was a nice balance between sweetness and bitterness from the matcha :)

Kinako Paste with Gelato — The flavor profile of the kinako paste was q strong. It wasn’t sweet, so the Hokkaido milk gelato really helped add sweetness to the overall dish.

Overall, I still prefer their sliced cakes & tea lattes🍰🍵😋