[Malacca] Through word of mouth we got hold of the address to this private property turned nyonya food "factory" of a establishment.
These are the best Ang Ko Kuehs (aka Kuih Koo Merah) I've had, fine yellow bean paste; wrapped around in a perfectly soft and chewy Kueh exterior. The sesame version was delectable with the strong hint of nutty sesame in the Kueh skin.
We established after tasting at least 15 variants of food items to go for the traditional Kuehs (i.e. Kueh Ko Sui etc) and forget the other fried items.
Their big savory nyonya dumplings are comparable to the ones we first fell in love with a few months ago in malacca (refer to previous posts in this file) and wanted to get but couldn't as the uncle maxed out his order capacity...

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