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Hahahaah. I love their meat to rice ratio, b/c more meat than rice is always shiokkkk. ⁣

When I arrived they had crossed out many items on their menu, the staff told me sold out and what’s left is their XO fried rice. Was quite sad but made do with the only item on the menu. ⁣

I lurve the crispy yet tender pork cutlet. It was juicy and had a slight peppery taste as well. I like pepper so I wished they could have added more pepper 🤤🤩 ⁣

The rice was moist and fragrant, slightly above average fried rice in terms of taste. ⁣

Conclusion: I would revisit this place just for the pork cutlet hahahaha. 🤪🙈😌⁣

Picture 1: Feat their XO Fried rice w pork cutlet at $6.80. ⁣
Picture 3: Same dish but +$1 to add Tobiko. 🤩⁣

🍽 is at 6001 Beach Road ⁣
Golden Mile Tower B1-56 S(199589) ⁣
Name is King of Fried Rice. ⁣

🕰 Mon to Fri 11.30am-8.30pm ⁣ Sat: 1.00-8.30pm⁣ Closed on Sundays ⁣