This huge banana pancake ($16) was baked fresh and served in a hot pan, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnished with walnuts, pistachio crumble and strawberry pieces.

The pancake was still so hot the ice cream melted and started running down the sides of the hotcake, becoming a sort of sweet vanilla flavored sauce of sorts. The pancake itself had a more dense, cakey texture and had sweet chunks of banana in it. It definitely resembled a banana cake more than a classic pancake. But I really liked the medley of flavors; sweetness of the banana, tanginess of the strawberry, earthiness of the nuts tied together with rich creamy ice cream. The warm cake (it steamed when I cut into it) also tasted really good paired with the cool ice cream.

Still a few bits to tweak like a stronger banana flavor and the overall texture of the hotcake. But it put both me and my dining partner into that sugar-induced post-dessert high which is a sign we enjoyed our dinner very much. :)