So, I’m back here because 1) I felt they could use more reviews, and 2) I’ve been meaning to try the ramen for a while.

When it comes to ramen, there’s a couple of choices. Standard ramen, which comes minus the egg for ~$7, the same but with 5 pieces of their (very good, very savory, very nice) cha siew for about $10, and this zhng version of the standard ramen for $9.90 nett, with an egg and toppings. You can also customise the soup base! I went with tonkotsu, but for people wanting a lighter or spicier broth, there’s shoyu and chilli versions available too at no extra cost.

Anyway as for the ramen itself, it was great! Honestly at this price, I really can’t complain. The tonkotsu broth was light and the corn added a nice sweetness to it. I’ve already mentioned that the cha siew is delicious, and the egg was just right – not too soft or hard. If you’re craving ramen but your wallet can’t handle another $17++ bowl, this is definitely a good option to try.