I didn’t know what to expect at RVLT as it is my first time dining at a wine bar but the food turned out to be nothing short of amazing😍!

The Beef Tartare ($28) is fresh, well-marinated and refreshing. The beef cubes remind me of bara chirashi and I like that the raw beef is sweet and not gamey at all. The dish is served with smoked egg yolk and crunchy croutons, which give it a robust flavour and texture.

Patty Melt ($26) is a premium sandwich version of a cheeseburger that is served with medium Westholme Wagyu, melted cheese and pillowy buttered toast. The flavourful Wagyu patty is thick, soft and melts in your mouth instantly.

Although the food is pretty pricey given the small portion, the quality makes up it. Feeling pampered this weekend☺️!