The cute waitress was so earnest in recommending me to get the brunch special so obviously I just had to get it🤓 AND OMG WOW WHATS THIS FALAFEL AND HUMMUS WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MA LIFE. No joke!!! Super good and everyone should try then out tooooo omo. Bf got eggs as usual and added on beef that was also recommended! Portions were so generous and filling I could even see myself making do w/o dinner which I obviously didn’t cuz I’m a glutton wahaha🤗 Can’t wait for my next visit back there to try out their other dishes esp the buddhas bowl & zoodles!!😆 Please start your loyalty program soon HAHA @foodrebelsg -
• Mediterranean Bowl w/ Falafel & Carrot Hummus ($26)
• Rendang Egg Benedict + Aussie Grass-Fed Beef ($24 + $7)