Tanyoto, a popular steamboat chain from Sichuan, has been in Singapore for a few years. Compared to many other steamboat eateries, its prices are on the high side. Which is why the "supper a la carte buffet" is pretty good value for money. At $32.40++ per adult (weekday rate, add $2 for weekends and holidays), you get to pick from a rather extensive menu that includes different types of seafood, meat, vegetables, mushroom, beancurd etc. I highly recommend the Sichuan dumplings (they have a tasty juicy filling), sliced beef (very lean cut) and the beef balls (it is served as a paste for you to scoop spoonfuls to drop into the boiling soup). There're a few options for the soup with the popular ones being the signature tomato and the spicy "mala". For me, the highlight of this restaurant is the mix-and-match-your-dip section. They provide a mind-boggling range of condiments with everything from soya sauce, vinegar and satay sauce to oils (both sesame and garlic) to sesame paste and fresh-cut parsley and spring onions. Chilli paste "made from a secret recipe", mini roasted peanuts plus raw minced garlic are just a few more of what's available for you to concoct your dip to your heart's content with. Seriously fun dining experience coupled with quality ingredients make this my go-to destination when I feel like having steamboat.

Worth the calories?!
Denise Ong I think so ;P