Had a Hot Shot Set (pork katsu curry, white rice, broccoli, potato salad) + DIY salmon mentai with furikake rice, cabbage salad, and kinoko mushroom + add-on miso soup and mentaiko egg. It was about $28 with GST and a 0.1% service charge.

Quick thoughts - The mentaiko salmon was great, it was a large slice and had a generous heaping of mentaiko. Loved the mushrooms too. The pork katsu curry, potato salad, and add-on miso soup+egg were average, so I wouldn't recommend it. It was also hard to eat with the small bowl and large spoon, which requires some skill or a second bowl.

It was less crowded than the other eateries up till about 6pm on a Sunday, then quickly became packed. The crowd does move quickly though, and food was served in eight minutes. Would return if I need a quick meal, especially once I figure out which dishes are the better ones.